We provide a full range of grooming services for your dogs. We pride ourselves with the fact that safety is our top priority. You can rest assure that your beloved companion is groomed under the most stringent hygienic environment, and our groomers are always mindful that the well-being and safety of your pets come first.

Give us a call, and we'll be happy to answer all your queries. In the mean time...


Owners are welcome to wait while we groom, but if you
prefer to leave us to work, we're located in Southern/
Central Singapore, and Ikea, Queensway Shopping
Centre, Anchorpoint are within walking distance. Not
to mention how close we are to the city, you can go
shopping after you've dropped your pet off, and come
back later to pick up a beautifully groomed pet.

May we confidently say you'll never know how good we
are till you've given us a chance to groom your pet... so
don't procrastinate, call us NOW @ 6474 3115 to make
an appointment now. We hope to be of service soon.

wef from 2007, we will have a record of our customers (human) who bring in their furkids for grooming themselves.
threats and small bites we often overlook, we seek
your understanding that with truly aggressive dogs,
we are unable to groom them without our groomers risking injury. More time and effort is also required to pacify uncooperative furkids. That's why we call this
the Nice-Doggie Privilege.

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