Joette who pampers and goes through great lengths to provide the best for them, has brought her expertise and love for dogs to Bark & Bubbles. Endorsed by Sugar, Candy and Toffee; Joette provides only the best for them and any other dog that visit Bark & Bubbles.

Bark & Bubbles is always kept as clean as possible as the princesses' walk around the shop freely all day. Joette uses only quality products as Sugar, Candy and Toffee often take free baths. All grooming equipments within Bark & Bubbles are disinfected after each use so as to keep the equipments in pristine condition and it is used for other dogs too.

Joette's philosophy is that every dog deserves the best and treats all dogs like they are her princesses.
Love, attention, and regular grooming by her keep each and every dog at Bark & Bubbles healthy and happy.

A graduate from a prestigious grooming academy in Singapore and a Class C license holder certified by P.S.G Cooperate Union, Joette has demonstrated proficiency in all-breed professional pet grooming through extensive practical skills and theoretical examinations. Most importantly she strongly believes that grooming should be carried out humanely and absolutely cruelty-free. Safety is also the top-most priority and she is always mindful of your pets' well-being while they are under her care.

Joette is now providing quality professional grooming services for your furry pals at Bark & Bubbles.

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